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Here you will discover the delicious wonders of our gourmet, freshly baked, biscotti and scones. By using only the finest ingredients, our unique product line stands apart from the rest because they are 'softer' than the traditional Biscotti and do not need to be dunked to be enjoyed!

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Looking to order a unique sweet gift for your loved one? Maybe a delivery of Mscotti's freshly baked biscotti & scones? A beautifully packaged gourmet biscotti and scone gift
may be the solution for you. We bake from scratch the "softer" biscotti and most flavorful scone you have ever tried! Our unique product line allows you to indulge in superior quality sweets.

You can sweeten someone's day or indulge yourself by sending an irresistible gift package or sign up for a 12 month supply with our Biscotti of the Month Club!


You ask why buy MsCotti's Biscotti's? Well because, they are the 'BEST' and "SOFTEST" Biscotti's you will ever eat! Each flavor is better and more unique than the next, it will be hard to pick your favorite. If that is not enough, we offer an assortment of hand-dipped biscotti using pure dark or white chocolate. The chocolate is rich and thick and generously coats each biscotti for a chocolate covered biscotti experience unlike any other. MsCotti's Scones are made entirely from scratch and baked fresh for each order. The scones are made in two convenient sizes so that they can be satisfying for both breakfast or just to nibble on with a cup of hot coffee or tea. The petite scones are also ideal for parties!

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